Wednesday, July 07, 2004

That's the Ticket

I'm pretty excited about the choice of Edwards. This looks like a winning ticket.

I will admit that I wasn't as enthusiastic about Kerry as I was about getting Bush out of the White House. But the choice of Edwards as a running mate has caused me to decide to openly support Kerry. I've even added a contribution link to the sidebar.

A word about clergy supporting political candidates; usually, it is a bad idea. Every Episcopal congregation is made up of a mixture of Republicans and Democrats. For the clergy to support one party over the other would alienate a segment of the congregation. Never a good thing.

The truth is that a valid argument can be made for either party affiliation. My father has always been a Republican, based on the old model that "less government is the best government." He recently told me he plans to vote for Kerry, however, because he is sick of Bush. That is but one example of why I think this particular election is about more than party affiliation; it is about issues of honesty, justice, and how the USA will function as a world leader in the future.

Another reason I've chosen to go public with my personal choice is that "Jake" is not a leader of a congregation. Some of you know my real identity. It's not too hard to figure out. I've remained hidden because of a request by a member of my family. Personally, I'm not very comfortable with using a "pen name," but over the months, it's become kind of fun to let "Jake" develop his own character. The point is that "Jake" is not in a "position of authority." He is just another blogger, with an opinion not any more valid than any other blogger. So why not go public with his opinion of the candidates?

The other reason I've decided to support Kerry and work for his campaign locally is that I live about 100 miles from my parish. This gives me the freedom to get involved in the campaign locally, without alienating members of the congregation.

There is one more reason I'm getting involved; a more personal reason. I am being encouraged to move beyond my own introverted nature. Yes, I am an introvert, big time. I like being in my cave with my dog, my puter and my books. When I'm working as a priest, I have to be an extrovert. That means when I get home, I tend to shut down and withdraw. But, such isolation is probably not very healthy. So, I'm going to make an effort to make friends outside the Church, and even (gulp...mutter...sigh) "entertain."

So my latest brilliant idea (or so it seems to me...we'll see) is to get involved in the Kerry campaign, and make friends that I can be assured will at least be Democrats.

But, the most important reason for going public in supporting Kerry is that I feel strongly that Bush has got to go. I continue to be amazed by those who seem oblivious as to how dangerous this man is. Demi and I have had quite serious discussions about what we will do if he is re-elected. As of now, the plan is to move to Canada.

So, remember to register to vote. Then vote for Kerry. Vote early, and vote often.


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