Wednesday, July 21, 2004

An Apology

I apologize to those who left supportive comments on my last post.  I have been advised that it was not "appropriate" to put out on the internet, so it has been deleted.

It seems some think that priests need to hide their personal eccentricities.  I disgree.  I think it is those unique bits that empower the ministry.  It is the willingness to be vulnerable, and dance to a different drummer, that is the gift some have to offer.  But, being an eccentric, I may be wrong.  

The image of the priest as C.E.O. seems to have replaced  the image of the priest as a shaman.   Folks want a chief, not a medicine man, I am told.  I'm not sure why the latter is inappropriate, but it appears that it is.

I think Jake will be taking a break from this world for awhile.  

Peace to all. 


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