Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Kerry on Rights for Gay and Lesbian Americans

In light of current debate in the Senate, I'm going to jump ahead in Kerry's book. For commentary and links to how you can get involved in opposing this latest bit of tomfoolery brought to us by the right, I commend to you A Religious Liberal Blog.

In Kerry's last chapter, "The Challenge of Reviving Democracy and Citizenship," the following quote can be found;

...it's long past time that we confer full citizenship rights upon gay and lesbian Americans. And it's important that we perceive the issue in exactly that way - as a simple matter of ensuring that American citizens are treated equally.

Some people - including, unfortunately, the president of the United States - argue that recognizing the rights of gays and lesbians in effect confers special privileges on them. That's just another way of saying that the law will be blind to discrimination if it is based on sexual orientation, and that's simply wrong.

No law can make people approve of gays and lesbians if they believe their moral code forbids them to do so, although as a Christian, I believe that this and every other form of discrimination is opposed to the spirit of the Bible. But if the law cannot command approval, it can demand respect, and that's what I'm calling for in supporting equal treatment of gays and lesbians in employment law and employee benefits, in the right to form domestic partnerships and civil unions, and in the right to raise children.
-A Call to Service,
pp. 178-179.
This is one issue in which John Kerry and George Bush clearly disagree. Consequently, I think it is an issue that helps define the differences in character in these two candidates. Should I vote for the one who champions equality, or the one who opens the door to continued bigotry? Kind of a no-brainer, isn't it?


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