Tuesday, March 30, 2004

Diocesan Actions Since General Convention

John Clinton Bradley has conducted a survey in which he received responses from 45 out of 112 dioceses regarding Diocesan Convention actions since Minneapolis. The results reveal that the negative reaction is much smaller than some would have us think.

Here are some of the conclusions:

Diocesan convention support for affiliating with Network of Anglican Communion Diocese and Parishes is extremely limited.

Diocesan convention support for withholding funds from the national church is also very small.

Diocesan convention support for authorizing development of a local policy on the blessing of same-sex relationships is inconclusive. Comments from several respondents indicate that this issue may be considered the domain of the diocesan bishop.

The outcome of other resolutions indicates that the majority of diocesan conventions support the actions of General Convention and GLBT issues. In classical Anglican form, many diocesan conventions affirmed a via media that seeks to maintain unity while recognizing diversity.

The overall ratio of positive to negative impacts resulting from diocesan convention resolutions is 2.2 to 1.
The specific breakdown of survey responses is quite revealing. Check it out.

The Every Voice Network also highlights a number of Karen's recent entries from The Heretic's Corner. If you haven't already, take a look at these insightful comments as well.


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