Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Who Will Be The New Bishop of Alaska?

The candidates for Bishop of Alaska just completed their "fly about" around the diocese. The electing convention will begin on April 8.

Two of these candidates seem to me to be excellent choices. Look over their materials and watch the videos. Who do you think will be the next Bishop of Alaska?

In an attempt at full disclosure, I will confess that one of these candidates is a friend of mine. Consequently, I may be a bit bias in my choice of the top two candidates. Thus the reason for asking for your opinion.

Now, some of you know me well enough to identify which one is my friend. If so, please keep it to yourself for awhile, ok? Let's let a few others make their more objective opinion known first.

Alaska has its own unique blessings and challenges, which is going to require a particular skill set in their next spiritual leader. You may want to review their diocesan profile before making your choice.

So, let's hear your opinion of this set of candidates. Who do you think will be the next Bishop of Alaska?


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