Thursday, March 11, 2010

Mary Glasspool Receives Consents From Standing Committees

From the Diocese of Los Angeles:

...The Los Angeles Standing Committee reported March 10 that within the last 64 days it has received 61 consents needed to the election of Glasspool, and 78 consents to the election of Bruce. In each election a majority of 56 consents was needed from the counterpart Standing Committees of the 110 dioceses of the Episcopal Church...
We still have to hear from the bishops, but, according to Susan Russell: " this point what we DO know "anecdotally" is that MOST bishops and standing committees are coming out in alignment."

Is this significant? Well, for one thing, it will officially make B033 null and void. I know that some said resolutions passed at General Convention accomplished that, but if you listened carefully to the spin from quite a few of the bishops, they were rather clear that it would take an election to the episcopate, and the necessary consents, to thwart that particular distasteful bit of legislation.

Yes, we may have to hold our breath for a few more days, but I think it's a done deal. Thanks be to God!

Now it will be interesting to observe the reaction in other parts of the globe. I predict that there will be less heat than we might have anticipated. The shift of perspective on these matters over the last few years in the UK is but one example of why I am making such a prediction.

Watch for the announcement on the bishops' consents.


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