Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Bishop Katharine: "Bad Behavior Must be Confronted."

Over on The Lead, Andrew points us to an article about our Presiding Bishop on Beliefnet: Episcopal Bishop Keeps Her Cool in the Hotseat. Here's part of it:

..."It's been a year of a steep learning curve," she said in an interview Wednesday (Jan. 16). "But it's been a delightful privilege to travel around and see the ways in which the church is fully engaged in its mission."

Part of that mission, Jefferts Schori said, is demonstrating how a diverse community can "value the person and positions of others who disagree with us"...

...It would be easier to let U.S. conservatives secede to join another Anglican province without a fight, said Jefferts Schori, "but I don't think that's a faithful thing to do."

Episcopal leaders are stewards of church property and assets, protecting past generations' legacies and passing them on to future Episcopalians, according to the presiding bishop. Allowing congregations to walk away with church property condones "bad behavior," she said.

"In a sense it's related to the old ecclesiastical behavior toward child abuse," when priests essentially looked the other way, she said.

"Bad behavior must be confronted"...
Absolutely. Illegal and unethical behavior must be confronted, and let the chips fall where they may.

Today I will have the opportunity to participate in a "fireside chat" with Bp. Katharine. I'm looking forward to it. Here is a description of the event:

...The Most Reverend Katharine Jefferts Schori will engage clergy by speaking of her passions for vocation and life and in so doing, invite a similar reflection and hope for renewal among the clergy who attend. This will be a very special and wonderful light-filled event at a time of year that is grey and cold. Hmm. Sounds like Epiphany...
If I have an opening to say more than simply introducing myself, which is doubtful, I do have a couple of question I'd like to ask Bp. Katharine. One of them would be in regards to the planning of a school in Tanganyika. The other one I think I'll not make public right now.

But, just out of curiosity, what questions would you like to ask Bp. Katharine if you had the opportunity?


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