Thursday, October 25, 2007

Trinity Church, Asbury Park

Here is the website for Trinity Church in Asbury Park, New Jersey. Not only is it a well designed site, but note the button on the right entitled "Watch our Video Greeting." Here it is:

Pretty simple. And little expense; looks like a regular video cam was used, hosted by Youtube. But quite effective.

This parish is experiencing amazing growth. No doubt the addition of David Stout as rector a couple of years ago is an important factor contributing to that growth. Prior to coming to Trinity, he was associate rector at St. Bartholomew's in Manhattan, where they also grew tremendously.

I've heard David talk about this. What tricks does he use? No tricks. No gimmicks. Just being very intentional about being welcoming and inclusive. Little things like standing outside before the liturgy to greet folks as they arrive at church, making sure the children have a prominent place in the liturgy, and posting a simple video on the website.

Little things. But they matter. It is through the little things that we show how much we really care.


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