Monday, January 29, 2007

Bp. Howe on Being "Windsor-Compliant"

We have discussed Bp. John Howe of Central Florida, former Rector of Truro Church, on two previous occasions; one critical commentary, and a response that was much more supportive.

In the Bishop's Address to Convention, given two days ago, Bp. Howe has many things to say that some of us might be quick to criticize. But there is one segment that I was quite pleased to read:

... Beyond all of that there is the very serious issue of Archbishops and Provinces establishing outposts in Dioceses other than their own. The Anglican Mission in America, and the Provinces of Nigeria, Uganda, Rwanda, Southeast Asia, and the Southern Cone all have congregations here in the United States. This practice has been thoroughly condemned by the Windsor Report and the Primates of the Anglican Communion. Nevertheless, it goes on. That some members of our congregations, and even some of our clergy, may be entertaining thoughts of affiliating with one or another of these jurisdictions is deeply disturbing to me, and I believe it should be to all of us. We have voted, overwhelmingly, twice, to be a “Windsor-compliant” Diocese (and Resolution “A-2B” proposes that we affirm the Windsor Report yet again, today).

Well, you can’t be “Windsor-compliant” if the only parts of Windsor you comply with are those you like!
Well said, Bp. Howe. Thank you.

Now, can we expect to hear similar statements from the rest of the so-called "Windsor Bishops"?


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