Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Sane Thoughts from MadPriest

MadPriest is getting bored with all the negativity within Anglicanism. So, he suggests we turn it around:

...Maybe God is doing something new. Maybe we are not the defenders of an old church. Maybe we are the thing that is new. To use a phrase I absolutely despise, it is possible that we are the "emerging church," a culturally relevant, authentic voice of God in our own time and place.

If this is the case then we must start doing things differently, with immediate effect. Instead of running a negative and defensive campaign to try and retain a status quo that wasn't, in reality giving us that which we believe Christ wants in his Church, we must run a positive campaign. We must talk about new things. We must start saying why we are right and be less inclined to go on about why "they" are wrong. We have been given the task by God to build the new Temple. This will be a glorious Temple and will replace the old building. We should not spend much of our time trying to shore up the crumbling edifices of the past...
Possible that we are the emerging church of the future? I'd say there is absolutely no doubt.

The apparent rise in popularity for fundamentalism is the last gasp of a dying world view. I'll give it two more generations before it disappears completely.

A desire for things spiritual will live on, however. Who will hear the authentic voice of God in the generations to come? Is this the calling of Anglicanism?


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