Thursday, August 10, 2006

B033 Still Stings

From Lisa:

...there are some in my beloved Church who are expressing gratitude that I endured that whoosh and crack! of B033 without crying. They try to tell me that it shows “character” that I continue to support my Episcopal parish, despite that whoosh and crack! that was B033. Yes, here I remain in The Episcopal Church. Doing my bit in all my roles. Giving my offering. Giving my service. Giving my devotion. But feeling, too, that when another sacrificial offering needs to be made, the Anglican Communion, The Episcopal Church, my Bishop, and my Deputies won’t very much mind if they have to do the whoosh and crack! routine once more on the backs of the gay and lesbian members of the Body of Christ. They already did it in Columbus. I hear it gets easier with practice.
As one commenter put it, "Abuse is abuse is abuse. Period."

There are those who are calling for us to move on. And, yes, eventually we will need to do that. But let us never forget the pain caused by the actions of GC2006. Never again.


UPDATE First of all, please read Lisa's complete post before responding. She has now offered an update.

And finally, if you want an even larger context from which to understand the strong feelings surrounding this most unfortunate resolution, consider the history of horrors that preceded it.

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