Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Schism, Incarnation, Heresy and Expectations

Mark Harris has a good post up that is worth reading, if you haven't already; Campaign Stirrings and a New Offensive Strategy. Mark suggests that the date for the "official" schism to begin has been moved once again; this time from GC 2006 to Lambeth 2008. I think it has already started. The evidence is foreign bishops becoming even bolder in plundering parishes in ECUSA in their rush to gain new assessments.

Tobias Haller offers an insightful critique of the basic argument used by the extreme conservatives. I was particularly struck by this point;

...This notion that Eve is of the same substance with Adam is important as a theological point later on: the doctrine of the Incarnation insists that Jesus is of one substance with humanity solely through his mother, Mary: if woman was "missing" something that could only be supplied by a man (which is the ordinary dictionary definition of "complementary") then the Christ could not be fully human - which is heresy...
Speaking of heresy, Karen (who just completed the GOEs...congrats!) has discovered that she's not a heretic after all! Are you a heretic? Take the test. Some of you might be surprised to know that I scored as being "Chalcedon compliant." My second ranking (67%) was Pelagianism, which came as no shock.

BTW, you may have noticed that I removed the label "heretic" from Jake's subtitle and added "eclectic", an adjective that I've always liked, and one that is quite popular among some of my Pagan friends. It is defined as; "Made up of or combining elements from a variety of sources." Some will certainly consider such diversity heretical. But the label "heretic" made Jake too easy of a target. "Eclectic" on the other hand will make some uncomfortable without knowing why, and will lead others to launch a witch hunt, which could be fun.

I get the word this week if my Big Project is a go or a no. Rather anxious about it. I've been working on this since June, and have dropped other commitments to make room for it. One thing that I had to back away from this last weekend has me feeling a bit guilty, but I need to stay focused on the goal. I'm troubled by my own high expectations. I know better than to set myself up for a big fall. But, there it is, just the same.


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