Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Anglicanism in 2008

Anglican Postmortem offers us an essay by William R. Coats entitled The End of Anglicanism. It's worth a read. Here's a brief excerpt:

...Soon thereafter the new structure of Anglicanism will come into place following outlines provided by the woeful Windsor Report. There are to be clear lines of authority out of Canterbury in and through our new College of Cardinals, the Primates, with a variety of international committees firmly and subsidiarily in place. Where is the laity? Well, we will squeeze them in somewhere. To top it all off there will be a new covenant: a clear statement of mandated belief, and this time with teeth. Of course there remains one last irony. The Archbishop is still ultimately appointed by none other than the Queen (or, soon, King Charles). Ah, Rule Britannia!

...So come 2008 a newer Anglican Church world will be upon us. I will be proud to have stood firm on the Gene Robinson matter and on the question of the access to the sacraments of the church to homosexual persons. It is worth a split over. And it is still worth maintaining the old Anglican idea. For what did the centralization of power do for Rome? What will it do for Williams and Akinola. They can have it and the eventual corruption and loss of dignity we see whenever power is centralized and unchecked...
That's two predictions I've found this week that the grand finale of the Anglican Drama will be at Lambeth 2008. It's hard for me to imagine that it won't be GC2006. The AAC/Network can only rein in their troops for so long. If something conclusive isn't offered to them soon, they're going to start bolting.

Anyone else planning to be in Columbus in June? I'm not a deputy, but signed up as a "volunteer," so I'll be there. I took a look at the exhibits, and didn't identify too many that might allow a snarky priest in black hat and boots to hang out with them. Any suggestions?


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