Friday, December 30, 2005

A Visit to the Land of Enchantment

Earlier this week I made a quick trip to see my youngest son and his family in Albuquerque. I met my new grandson, Trevor David, who entered this world just last month.

This was my first trip to Albuquerque since I enlisted in the Navy there 33 years ago. We went furniture shopping, so we saw a lot of the city. For a desert town, it is quite pleasant. For some reason, one of their main attractions are hot air balloons. No time for Old Town this trip. Maybe next visit.

I found hope reborn within me as I held Trevor in my arms. I was reminded that in the midst of my personal struggles and disappointments, new life is is springing up, and will continue the struggle long after I have exited this stage. In the Land of Enchantment, I was reminded to not be saddened as I draw nearer the light at my end of the tunnel of life, but to instead rejoice to be able gaze upon Trevor, and see remnants of glory reflected in the eyes of one who has so recently come from the light.

During this time, as we celebrate the mystery of the Incarnation, let's not give in to discouragement and desperation that often attempts to beat us into submission. Allow the gift of hope to fill you with the knowledge that God is doing for you what you cannot do for yourselves. We may perceive our days as a series of sad and happy dreams. The perception may not be the reality. God is moving among us, from glory, to glory, working all things for good.

May the new light of Christ, enkindled within our hearts, shine forth in our lives.

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