Thursday, September 08, 2005

The Pirates of Penance

Real Live Preacher has updated his site and added a few new features. One of them is a chat room. The connection between those who visit this room is that we have all been touched by RLP's writing.

It's an amazing place in many respects. Since we are communicating in real time, the divisions between us usually melt away. Few debates. Fewer arguments. Lots of silliness. And sometimes a level of sharing that is not possible on forums or blogs.

There's a group that visits this chat room daily. During one of the more busy evenings, the label "Pirates of Penance" was tossed out. It seems to have stuck. There's now a Real Live Pirates site.

RLP, who is near San Antonio, is gathering supplies for the evacuees from hurricane Katrina. Some of his readers expressed the desire to donate to this effort. Here's his response;

I will take your money and go straight to the store to buy baby supplies, food, or clothing for people that we are helping. Every cent will go to a family in need. As things progress, I'll keep you posted on what happens.

This is the way it will get done. One family at a time.
It is getting done.

Visit RLP's site and help with this effort. The Pirates of Penance want to offer an additional incentive to donate. Thanks to the efforts of Whatspider, you can get your very own Real Live Pirate t-shirt, with all profit going towards RLP's relief efforts.

So, avast ye landlubbers! Cease swingin the lead and get a shirt before ye are keel hauled. Arrrgh!


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