Friday, September 30, 2005

Akinola: "Why Spare England?"

Peter Akinola, Archbishop, Primate, Metropolitan and Pope of All Nigeria, just couldn't resist dropping what I'm sure he considered a witty line to a reporter of the Mail and Guardian;

Nigeria's Anglican archbishop said on Thursday that Nigerian churches might cut ties with the Church of England if it did not revise its stance on homosexuality, which accepts gay priests in same-sex partnerships...

...Since Nigeria has already cut ties with the Anglican church in the US over homosexuality, "why should England be spared?" said Akinola. "What's good for the geese is good for the gander."
Make what sense you can out of that one.

Now that Nigeria's constitutional stumbling blocks have been removed, one might speculate, even with the disclaimers that there is no schism...yet...and that England is still mother church (but a gander?...someone's confused), that England has less than a month to repent before the official split is announced in Alexandria.

When the Council of Anglican Provinces in Africa (CAPA) and their friends (excluding Brazil, of course) gathers October 24-26, we can anticipate some kind of announcement from the Big Man regarding his official new title. Don't let the supposed disclaimer mislead you. The cards are being played close to the chest. Being delusional does not necessarily mean one is incapable of playing an occasional good hand of poker.

Will a new title and a new set of vestments satisfy the man's hungry ego? Apparently not. Having established a beachhead in North America, Peter will boldly stride into Pittsburgh in November, granting an audience to an eclectic mix of fan clubs; the American Anglican Council/Network (same people; different names), Anglican Mission in America (a group that broke away in 2000 and recently decided not to ordain women), Forward in Faith (as a seminarian, I knew them as the angry lot...women's ordination was their issue...wonder what their next issue will be?), and the Reformed Episcopal Church (they left TEC in 1873 because of issues surrounding ritualism and ecumencial realtionships).

Not included in the schedule, yet might be anticipated, is another possible announcement to be made at this gathering of strange bedfellows (did I mention Rick Warren is the main speaker? Now there's a really good example of Anglican spirituality, eh? Good smoke screen, however). I would not be surprised in the least if Pope Akinola declares the appointment of Bob Duncan as the new Archbishop, Primate and Metropolitan (and various other lofty titles, no doubt, to make up for the bland "Moderator" label) of All North America.

Will that finally be the end? I doubt it. Not until every Anglican knee bends to Peter's pontifical powers will his appetite for adoration be satisfied. And probably not even then; such is the nature of this type of delusion.

I'm told Dr. Williams will be present in Alexandria. I'm not sure if that will change anything. Can Cantuar call a bluff, if that is what it proves to be? I have my doubts. Rowan doesn't appear to be much of a gambling man.


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