Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Tired of Being Called a Homophobic Bigot?

Here's some good advice from Roy Clements;

...To sum up then, if you would avoid the charge of homophobia you must demonstrate:

the sensitivity that chooses tactful words;
the rationality that offers arguments rather than assertions;
the consistency that expresses equal indignation about other social issues;
and, perhaps most important of all, the humility to admit that you might be wrong.
You may complain that pro-gay speakers and writers do not show such consideration to you. Instead your sincere moral convictions have been denounced as homophobic bigotry. I acknowledge that this could be true. But, however unfair the misrepresentation of your views, the situation is not symmetric. Christian gays are not trying to eject you from the Church or from ministry, you are trying to eject them.

In law a verdict of "Not Guilty" requires only the establishment of "reasonable doubt". Even if you feel the case against gays has been proved, there are other members of the jury who are less convinced. No one wishes to shut you up, but what you say and how you say it makes a huge difference.
Sensitivity, rationality, consistency and humility; that sounds like the recipe for a healthy conversation on any number of topics.

A final slightly off topic question; is anyone familiar with this organization?
Human Rights Campaign
I need to do some quick homework on it, so would appreciate hearing of any personal experience, either positive or negative, anyone has had with these folks.


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