Monday, April 04, 2005

Let Light Perpetual Shine Upon Him

From Dr. Rowan Williams' tribute to the life of Pope John Paul II;

I think in these past few days, we've seen an extraordinary "lived sermon" for Eastertide, about facing death with honesty and courage; facing death in the hope of a relationship which is not broken by death but continues beyond it. Pope John Paul showed his character in the way in which he met his death; clearly frustrated, clearly suffering, and yet at every point accepting; facing his frailties and remaining courageous and hopeful. I feel there's a certain appropriateness about the fact that he died within the Easter season — a time of the Church's year which meant so much to him. It has been a season in which he was able to give a message to the whole of the Christian world, and in fact to the whole human world, that won't be readily forgotten.
May he rest in peace.


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