Saturday, January 15, 2005

Tsunami Aid; A Concert of Hope

I just saw George Clooney talking about this fund raiser which airs Saturday night at 8:00 EST on NBC, Bravo, and a few other stations (although not Fox, even after O'Reily agreed to show up. Not that I'm anxious to hear more from that blowhard.

The rest of the line-up looks pretty good; Elton John, Annie Lennox, Nelly, Madonna, Stevie Wonder, Maroon 5, Norah Jones, Mary J. Blige, John Mayer, Kenny Chesney, India.Arie, Tom Jones, Eric Clapton, Gloria Estefan, Sheryl Crow and Sarah McLachlan. Some of the presenters are Clint Eastwood, Renée Zellweger, Ben Affleck, Meg Ryan, Morgan Freeman, Ray Romano, Robert Downey Jr., Halle Berry, Kevin Spacey, Usher, Uma Thurman, Matt Damon, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Bruce Willis, Danny DeVito, Tim Robbins, Brad Pitt and George Clooney. Former Presidents George Bush and Bill Clinton will also speak.

The funds raised will go to the Red Cross. You can go to the site and donate now, or you can wait until the show and call. Yes, the stars will be answering the phones. You might get a chance to talk with Brad Pitt. I'm hoping for Madonna (to discuss kabbalah, of course).

I really like George Clooney, and not just because he put Bill O'Reily in his place. I think he's a talented actor. O Brother, Where Art Thou? is one of the few films I can watch over and over and still enjoy every minute. "That's not Dapper Dan!!" Heh. It doesn't get any better than the Soggy Bottom Boys. I imagine even Homer would enjoy it, regardless of the liberties taken in recreating his epic.

Support the Red Cross in their efforts to alleviate the suffering of the tsunami victims. Then sit back and enjoy the show.


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