Thursday, January 27, 2005

God's Bumper Stickers

I usually don't care much for bumper stickers. I've never felt the need to broadcast my patriotism with a flag or yellow ribbon. I don't even fly an Episcopal Church sticker. On one car, I do have a rather small yin yang symbol. I like the way it looks, and a reminder of our need for balance is a message I support.

One reason I avoid such decorations is some leftover paranoia from my younger years, which is also the same reason I don't have any tatoos. Why would I intentionally put identifying marks on my car or body? But the primary reason I don't adhere stickers to my cars is that most of them look ugly, in my opinion, unless they blend with the color and body style of the vehicle. I'm picky about my cars. Just ask Demi. I don't think she'll ever get my argument that a two door is always superior to a four door, simply because they look so much better.

Getting back to bumper stickers, the Wittenburg Door offers some thoughts on "God's new bumper stickers," including a picture of a sweet pickup with a vanity plate that reads "BIG GUY." Here's some of their suggestions of what God might display on his/her tailgate;

Grape Juice?

Oh, Evolve!

Allah Allah, in come free!

Put Christ back in Xmas? How 'bout dropping all the co-opted pagan imagery and start celebrating His real Birthday — Aug. 6!

Warning: in case of rapture, I'll be just as surprised as you.

Who died and made you God?

Nietzche is dead.

I practice catch and release.

What happens in Vegas ... still gets back to Me.

God: a dyslexic's best friend.
Any additions to the list?


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