Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Returning from the Golden State

Demi and I just got back from ten days in California. We lunched on authentic Mexican cuisine in Palm Springs, worshipped in All Saints, Pasadena, walked the beach in Ventura, soaked in a hot spring and wandered through a county fair outside San Luis Obispo, feasted on fondue in Sacramento, joined the throng of tourists at Pier 39 in San Francisco, and stopped to take in a rodeo near Stockton.

As we traveled the length of that golden state (yes, those hills are golden, Demi, not brown!), we visited with my mom and dad, one brother, one uncle, two aunts, two daughters, one son and one future son-in-law. Demi saw and heard much of the history of my clan, who go back five generations in that great state.

I already miss it once again. But, I must say, I did note during the drive from the Philadelphia airport to New Jersey after we returned that it sure is nice to see more variations of color. Gold is lovely, but green is the color of life.

Maybe next year Demi and I will visit Lake Tahoe or the Sequoias, so she can see that some things do grow grand and green without irrigation in California. Or possibly Italy, so I can experience her history?

Vacation continues. Reading a great book and baking muffins while Demi attends a local city council meeting. She said she'd stop and pick me up an apron on her way home. I bet it's a brown one.


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