Saturday, June 26, 2004

Good versus Truth

I want to take a moment to highlight one of the most articulate bloggers I have found; Elizabeth Gray Calhoun. Her most recent entry, Good versus Truth, is an absolute must-read. Here's just a taste;

...Truth? Or Good? During the course of the Anglican Sex Wars, I’ve heard over and over again that certain groups are “picking and choosing” this or that from the Bible. It categorizes me as liberal (or heretical, or deluded, or Satanic, depending on one’s Christian tribal affiliation) that I don’t see how you CAN’T pick and choose from the Bible. In fact, I thinking this process of picking and choosing is what we call “discernment.”

Jesus appears to condemn private property and families; yet Christians through the years have persisted in starting wars to protect both. Usury was condemned in the Old Testament as much as homosexuality was. Yet gays are vilified while many a wealthy Christian enjoys investment income to bankroll his/her affluent lifestyle. Catholic Bishops can debate withholding the Eucharist from American politicians who support abortion rights, but none have suggested the same treatment for politicians who supported the war in Iraq or gouge the poor. Finally, there’s the Calvinist invention of Predestination, as major a case of scriptural picking and choosing as ever you’ll find...
This excerpt really needs to be read in context to have the full impact. Go read the whole thing.



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