Wednesday, June 16, 2004

Faithful America

In a recent comment Shan left a link to an excellent site;

From the site; is an online community of people of faith who want to build a more just and compassionate nation.

It provides one-click opportunities to impact current political issues and shift the terms of public debate.

It aspires to be an online wing of a powerful, new progressive faith movement, like the ones that fought for independence, abolition and civil rights. is a project of the National Council of Churches with support from TrueMajority and Res Publica.

William Sloane Coffin is its Honorary Chairperson.

What Stands For believes in the common good and in community – local, national and global. We reject a go-it-alone culture that reduces our politics and our personal lives to selfishness and fear. We accept the separation of church and state, but not the separation of moral principles from politics.

Drawing on our country’s founding values and the profound social justice message at the heart of every major religion, we stand for:

* Respecting the dignity and equality of all people as part of a single human family;

* Working to end human suffering in all forms and in all places;

* Promoting unity, inclusion and peace among all people and all faiths;

* Acting as stewards of God’s creation;

* Practicing and promoting respectful, sincere political & religious debate that looks for truth on all sides and seeks only the common good;

* Striving in our own lives, as a community and as a nation to live up to the values we proclaim and being honest with ourselves when we do not.
Go take a look around. Make sure you watch the ad clip.


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