Friday, February 07, 2020

The Adventure Begins

I have not checked my email or chanted a word for two weeks.  I am on vacation, which will conclude with my official retirement on March 1.   It feels very strange to suddenly be disconnected from that world.

But, the future is exciting.  Part of that future will include, I hope, a bit of writing.  I'm playing with the idea of using Fr. Jake for that.  The advantage is that I know this world.  The disadvantage is that, since I lost all my comments, this place has been dead.

But, since my topics will wander, perhaps the lack of my previous audience will prove to be a good thing?   We shall see.

My immediate plans are to read, and to sleep, whenever I feel like it.  Beyond that, I'm building a camper van.  I plan on rolling west as soon as it gets warm enough.  I've got five grandkids I haven't seen for much too long.  So I'm headed west to camp for awhile.   That's the first big project.

My wife and I are still in the process of boiling down three houses into one.  That is the other immediate project.  And I now have time for my Jersey grandkids, who are delightful!  That is also a priority.

So, let this new adventure begin!



  1. ad·ven·ture
    Learn to pronounce
    plural noun: adventures
    an unusual and exciting, typically hazardous, experience or activity.
    "her recent adventures in Italy"

  2. William R. MacKaye2/13/2020 07:14:00 PM

    I stumbled on your recent blog entry, Jake. It's good to hear your voice again. Keep talking!

  3. WOW...such a loss, those comments! So much to say and much of it has been said but there are now new conclusions but there is still little has changed from a Williams to a Welby in my opinion the intimidation continues (under the pretence of "understanding" those who harm others). Who knows, more will be revealed...have a great retirement, it feels like Friday Night every night! Three Cheers Fr. Jake!

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