Wednesday, May 26, 2010

CREDO Brings "Strength for the Journey" to Pittsburgh

Lionel Deimel attended a conference offered by CREDO this past weekend. This was an attempt to assist Episcopalians in the four dioceses that have recently experienced the trauma of schism. Here's part of what Lionel had to say about it:

...Irrespective of how “useful” I ultimately find SFTJ to have been, I am grateful to The Episcopal Church for recognizing the stresses on the people in “reorganizing” dioceses and for its willingness to invest in trying to ameliorate the burdens those loyal Episcopalians have taken on. We who carried the standard of The Episcopal Church during the dark days of the Bob Duncan episcopate did not always feel supported, appreciated, or even heard by our church...

...My purpose here is neither to describe fully nor to evaluate SFTJ. Instead, I want to make others in the church aware of what their church is doing for those of us who have experienced schism in our dioceses. I also want to express our gratitude for that effort and encourage our brothers and sisters in the dioceses of San Joaquin, Quincy, and Fort Worth to take advantage of the opportunity that the church is offering...
The Episcopal Diocese of Pittsburgh offers more about this program, with a few pictures, here.

It's good to see that CREDO and The Church Pension Fund are responding to this great need. In my opinion, the response is a bit late, but better late than never.

Everyone I've ever talked with about CREDO has spoken very highly of their programs. They seem to meet a real need within the Church. My experience has been that, for various reasons, no other entity seems to be up to the task of responding to the needs of our members in the four reorganizing dicoeses. Kudos to CREDO and The Church Pension Fund for stepping up and filling that void by offering assistance to our brothers and sisters in Pittsburgh, San Joaquin, Fort Worth and Quincy.

Here's the schedule for the next three "Strength for the Journey" events:

June 4-5 in the Diocese of San Joaquin

June 11-12 in the Diocese of Quincy

Sept. 24-25 in the Diocese of Fort Worth

If you're in one of those dioceses, set those dates aside now. It sounds like it will be a very helpful program.

Pray for the members of those dioceses.

Pray for the Church.


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