Friday, February 12, 2010

General Synod to ACNA: "No, No and No"

For some reason there is quite a bit of confusion regarding what exactly happened regarding the motion calling for the Church of England to recognize the hybrid group of extremists known as ACNA.  We've got conflicting headlines all over the net.

Mark Harris offers us some assitance. He has posted a report from Brian Lewis, member of General Synod from the Diocese of Clemsford. Here's a brief excerpt:

...The original motion had asked the synod to express OUR desire to be in COMMUNION with ACNA.

The replacement recognised and affirmed THEIR desire to remain part of the Anglican FAMILY...

...Synod declined to express "a desire to be in Communion with ACNA". That matters. Questions not asked are one thing but when a question is asked and the answer is politely No Thank You that changes where you are...
Brian also describes two amendments; one that would have put the original language back into the motion and another that called for recognition of the orders of ACNA clergy. Both amendments were defeated.

That's three no votes for ACNA. How this can possibly be spun as any kind of a victory is beyond my comprehension. But, no doubt that's exactly what will continue to happen. After all, if you repeat lies often enough, some might start to believe them.

On a lighter note, do take a moment to appreciate Dave Walker's take on this matter.


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