Friday, December 04, 2009

More Condemnations of Uganda's "Death to All Gays" Bill

About three weeks ago, we participated in a World Day of Prayer in response to the Uganda Anti-Homosexuality Bill. At that time, the only "official" Anglican response came from the Anglican Church of Canada’s Council of General Synod.

On November 30, House of Deputies President Bonnie Anderson condemned this ugly piece of legislation:

The pending Ugandan legislation that would introduce the death penalty for people who violate portions of that country's anti-homosexuality laws would be a "terrible violation of the human rights of an already persecuted minority," Episcopal Church House of Deputies President Bonnie Anderson has said...
Today, we are offered a statement from the Presiding Bishop of the Episcopal Church:

...The Episcopal Church represents multiple and varied cultural contexts (the United States and 15 other nations), and as a Church we affirm that the public scapegoating of any category of persons, in any context, is anathema. We are deeply concerned about the potential impingement on basic human rights represented by the private member's bill in the Ugandan Parliament...

...Finally, we note that much of the current climate of fear, rejection, and antagonism toward gay and lesbian persons in African nations has been stirred by members and former members of our own Church. We note further that attempts to export the culture wars of North America to another context represent the very worst of colonial behavior. We deeply lament this reality, and repent of any way in which we have participated in this sin...
Any response from Canterbury? Not really. Ruth Gledhill did manage to get a quote from Lambeth Palace:

It has been made clear to us, as indeed to others, that attempts to publicly influence either the local church or political opinion in Uganda would be divisive and counter productive. Our contacts, at both national and diocesan level, with the local church will therefore remain intensive but private.
The Executive Council of the Episcopal Church will be meeting by teleconference on Monday, December 7, to consider how they might respond to this human rights crisis.

We need to continue to keep the pressure on our leadership, and express our support for the glbt community in Uganda. A new petition is now available, which encourages Anglican leaders to speak out against this Ugandan legislation.


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