Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Bishop Rucahana of Rwanda: "The Satanic Behaviour of the Whites"

EpiScope points us to an article from AllAfrica:

...Bishop John Rucahana - Anglican head of the Shyira Diocese said the current disagreements in the Anglican Church were caused by the ordination of the homosexual bishops by the American Episcopal Church...

..."It is them that abandoned the faith, the law and doctrine of the church. They also do not believe in the teachings of the bible", Bishop Rucahana said Tuesday in a lengthy interview on state radio.

"Their behaviours do not conform to the religious conduct of the Anglican church because it is them that ordained homosexuals as bishops not Africans".

Bishop Rucahana said the Anglican Church in Rwanda will not be pushed into adopting the satanic behaviour of the "whites because they are whites". He called on the other sects to conform to the faith teachings as the problem crosscuts to them as well...
The Anglican Mission in America, a group of former Episcopalians who broke away in 2000, claim to be under the authority of the province of Rwanda, as is Bp. Rucahana. The Council of Bishops of the AMiA consists of five white men.

There is still some disagreement in regards to if they are part of the Communion or not. Consequently, the Caucasian AMiA bishops were not invited to Lambeth, which seems to be the issue that has Bp. Rucahana so worked up.

However, the Rwanda-based AMiA is a Common Cause Partner of the Anglican Communion Network, a group that has threatened to break away from TEC for four years, but has not yet done so.

I have one question for Bishop Rucahana:

Right Reverend Sir,

Is my behavior satanic because I am white, or is it satanic because I believe the Church should encourage more faithful relationships?

Since the bishop may be a bit busy giving follow-up interviews for the next few days, maybe a member of the AMiA or the Network can check with their leaders and get back to me.


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