Saturday, December 02, 2006

Bp Schofield: "You are wrong, because I say so"

From the Bishop Schofield's address to the Annual Convention of the Diocese of San Joaquin:

...Undoubtedly you are aware that this meeting of the Diocese of San Joaquin is historic. You may have heard someone say that the diocese is seeking to secede from The Episcopal Church. If that is what you think, then you are wrong! This convention’s business does not begin something new. On the contrary, we in the Diocese of San Joaquin are meeting to state clearly that we intend to go nowhere nor introduce anything new. Instead, we are defending the doctrine, discipline, and worship as this Church has received them. Why, then, are we amending our Constitution? This amending process is the first step in the removal from our Constitution of any reference to The Episcopal Church because --in our opinion-- they have decided to walk apart from the Anglican Communion...
So, let's see if I've got this straight. San Joaquin is not seceding from the Episcopal Church, but they are removing all references to the Episcopal Church from their Constitution. They are doing nothing new, but no diocese in the history of the Episcopal Church has ever done such a thing.

This is highly illogical, Captain...err...Bishop.


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