Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Jesus Our Mother

We recently had a rather long tangential discussion in the comments regarding Presiding Bishop-elect Jefferts Schori's sermon at General Convention in which she referred to "Jesus our Mother." I haven't commented on this, as I don't find anything that unusual in the phrase. I've used similar images in my sermons. So have many others in our tradition. What is unusual, and worth noting, is the knee-jerk reaction from the right.

There's a couple of good commentaries now available on this topic, for those who are interested. One by the Rev. Ann Fontaine and another by the Rev. Elizabeth Kaeton.

The "outrage" from the right makes little sense to me, unless it is simply attributed to a fear of the feminine.

In other news, all charges against Bp. John David Schofield of San Joaquin were dropped. That diocese responded by moving forward with their plans to leave the Episcopal Church. It looks like their neighboring bishops had good reason to be concerned after all. Mark Harris offers a discussion on this bizarre situation.


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