Wednesday, May 18, 2005

The Prez is Our Savior?

The Gaelic Starover points to a site that I was sure was a joke, except I never found the punch line. It appears these folks are for real. This is a taste of what you'll find over on;

...If you are tired of secularists telling you that The Lord has no place in our government and our public institutions, then show them that you disagree.

This symbol, this site, and this car magnet have been created for the millions of Americans who support the President and his vision for a government that embraces religion, morality, and family values. It shows worship to the Lord, respect for the President, and hope for all.

Join the millions of Americans who believe that President Bush’s faith-based administration presents the best hope for America’s future. The future is in your hands. Stand up and be counted!...
But no reason to worry; theocracy will never be a threat in the land of the free and the home of the brave...will it?

The Gaelic Starover also points out that it appears our new Savior will be addressing the National Catholic Breakfast this Friday. Now I'm confused. Isn't the Roman Catholic Church against the war in Iraq? But they invite the man responsible for the deaths of tens of thousands of innocent Iraqi civilians to speak?

There's a petition you can sign if you object to George Bush being invited to this event. Although I would assume that this is primarily for Roman Catholics to sign, the site does spell out what I understood to be the RCC's stance on the war in Iraq;

The late Pope John Paul II spoke clearly on the tragedy in Iraq, "When war, as in these days in Iraq, threatens the fate of humanity, it is ever more urgent to proclaim, with a strong and decisive voice, that only peace is the road to follow to construct a more just and united society... Violence and arms can never resolve the problems of man."

His successor, Pope Benedict XVI, also has spoke out, "There were not sufficient reasons to unleash a war against Iraq. To say nothing of the fact that, given the new weapons that make possible destructions that go beyond the combatant groups, today we should be asking ourselves if it is still licit to admit the very existence of a 'just war.'"
This is still the official position, isn't it? Have they decided that war isn't as important an issue as, say, abortion or gay marriage? Unless, of course, they also believe that that he is the Prince of Peace returned to earth, in which case they probably figure that he can break the rules if he wants to, since he made them.

We live in bizarre times.


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