Monday, March 21, 2005

Holy Week

As we prepare to walk with Jesus through the pain, suffering and death of Holy Week, here are some resources that may be helpful;

This is Holy Week

The Days of Holy Week

Holy Week at Home

dylan's lectionary blog

Lectionary Reflections

An excerpt from a reflection on the last site; The Cross and Empire;

...What if the cross were not a symbol of triumph, but of judgment against all victimization, cruelty, and injustice? What if the victory of the cross were only the victory of faith, hope, and love over fear, despair, and hate in the human heart? And the great, eternal sign that this victory cannot be won by violence, that all violence is to our shame whether it be put to use for "good" or for "evil"?

We are obsessed by sin and by our easy categories of good and evil, an obsession Jesus did not share. It was suffering and injustice -- and the greed and grasping at power that caused it -- that obsessed Jesus. If Jesus' message had been primarily about saving people from sin, he never would have been crucified, because he never would have appeared on the religious and political authorities' radar screens. That he was a threat to their empire -- the control of people's lives feeding their own greed and power (not to mention their own version of the order of "good and evil") -- was the reason he was killed...

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