Sunday, February 13, 2005

Pointing to a Few Links

I've noticed a few new names around Jake's place lately, and also have found a few new blogs popping up here and there. Primarily for those folks, I thought I'd highlight some of the blogs I have linked at the right, since the list keeps getting longer every week, and may appear a bit overwhelming.

The list began, and still primarily is, for my use. It's the blogs I've found that I like to visit somewhat regularly. There's a lot of variety there, as I like to read different authors for different moods. There are some themes that kind of connect most of them however.

If I commented on the whole list, this post could become much too long, so I'm going to limit myself to an even dozen, broken up into four categories. Consequently, some folks won't be mentioned this time. Sorry about that. Let me just say that all of the list are blogs worth reading, and they all are updated somewhat regularly; I remove any that have been dormant for more than a month.

The first category I'll call Old Timers - those who have been on the list the longest. I started this blog as a refugee from the world of forums and listserves. I got tired of working on a post, only to have it removed or otherwise disappear. So, the first few bloggers I found were those I knew from other venues;

Pilgrim's Progress - this one is written by my wife Demi. She introduced me to the world of blogs. She writes sometimes funny, sometimes passionate entries, depending on her current interest (fixation?) at the time. She doesn't hesitate to speak her mind, which is not everyone's cuppa, but is also the first to recognize this is her current opinion, which may change over time. Demi is also a refugee from the world of forums and listserves.

Cat's Cradle - I first met Mumcat on Beliefnet, and her blog was one of the first that I discovered. Mum writes well, knows a lot about the Episcopal Church from the inside, and is someone who I almost always agree with! To me, her blog always feels like stopping to visit an old friend (does two years qualify us as old friends?).

Kinesis - Karen is also someone I first encountered on Beliefnet. She is a seminarian at CDSP, and often gives us a glimpse of the day to day life at that wonderful place. Karen varies her writing; one day quite theological, the next time reflective and contemplative, and another time humorous and chatty. You'll find a first class mind and a warm heart over there. It's been a privilege to walk with her as she explores the vocational call.

The next category is Artists - there's a few sites I link that are not blantantly "religious," although the quality of writing, and sometimes artwork, are certainly spiritual.

Word Shadows - Keith is probably my favorite blog writer. This guy should be published. Some might consider his style slightly eccentric; I think he has found a unique voice that works quite well. I don't know how to describe the style...Tom Robbins meets Jack Kerouac maybe? I'm not going to spoil it by planting any more preconceptions in your head. Go visit Keith.

This is My Body, This is My Blood - ellie is a published author, and at times her prose is like candy for the soul. I stumbled across her blog some time ago, when she had an entry up that I think was entitled "Tuesday's Child"...absolutely blew me away. She recently wrote one about her father that had me reaching for the phone to call my dad as soon as I finished reading it. From my perspective (English major as an undergrad), some of the best prose on the net is found on her site.

The Cassandra Pages - This is a fairly new blog for me, and I'm not sure I'm putting it in the right category. Beth writes beautifully, and offers some nice photography, so her site feels "artistic" to me, although she does explore specific spiritual and political issues from time to time.

The next category is Clergy. I count a dozen clergy blogs on my blogroll. I didn't realize that there were that many! Hard to choose only three.

Salt - John (The Salty Vicar...must we change that to Salty Rector now?) is a master at packing a lot into short posts. He covers a wide variety of topics, and regularly points to other things going on in cyber space. I often learn a thing or two when I visit. A good daily read.

Real Live Preacher - RLP is the most linked blog on the sites I visit because...well, because he's that darn good! If you've never visited him, this one is a must. He's a legend in the blogosphere already; he got a publishing deal from someone finding his blog. Yea, he really is that good. Go look.

maggi dawn - I've been reading maggi for awhile, and find her site a delightful place to visit. A diversity of topics are touched on, yet they are all approached with a hint of spirituality in the air. Maggi is an Anglican priest who is also quite conversant on all things "emerging," so her readers are a mixture of Christian traditions, which creates some lively discussions at times.

The next group I'll call Political, even though that does not really do the sites justice. During the election, I had a few political blogs linked, but one by one, for various reasons, I took them all off. There's only two left, but these two link to what others say that's worth reading.

Body and Soul - Jeanne offers excellent commentary on a number of current events. She is a finalist for the Koufax Award for this entry about Abu Ghraib.

Just a Bump in the Beltway - Melanie also offers a good review of the current news, with some keen insights as well.

Well, that's eleven. In order to make it an even dozen, let me add one more site that is news related; in this case news regarding the Anglican communion;

Thinking Anglicans - During the recent events going on in the Communion, this site was one of the best for following the latest news reports, press releases and statements. Not a lot of commentary, but it can save you time trying to sift through the mountain of words written on such topics as the Windsor Report.

Enough for now, I think. Happy reading!


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