Tuesday, February 10, 2004

General Synod

Thinking Anglicans comments on the recent meeting of the General Synod of the Church of England. In regards to their being "in communion" with the Episcopal Church, in light of the latest breaking of communion by other segments of the Anglican Communion, it was made clear that the Church of England is not in or out of communion with a diocese, or a bishop, but with the entire Church. Such a decision is made by the Archbishop of Canterbury and the Archbishop of York.

It is doubtful if any decision will be made until the Eames report comes out next Fall.

No word on the response to the petition from the Inclusive Church.

There seems to be some question as to the relationship between the American Anglican Council and the newly formed Network. Since the AAC met to form the Network, and Bishop Duncan heads up both organizations, it seems quite evident that they are one and the same entity. The attempt to cast the network as a "kinder and gentler" form of the AAC is rubbish. The AAC is frantically attempting to distance themselves from the plot exposed by the Chapman letter to attempt to replace the Episcopal Church with a new right-wing hierarchy that will immediately put to use their troops of thought police.

Such pleasant thoughts for the middle of the night.


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