Thursday, April 19, 2007

Blogger's Choice

Sometimes I think that we get a little too serious here at Jake's place. It's time to have some fun.

Dennis alerted us to the ongoing voting for the Blogger's Choice Awards and encouraged us to go vote for the Mad Priest.

I went on over there, voted for MP in the Best Religion Blog category, and then took a look around. I noticed that of the top nine blogs in that category, there are eight Catholics and one atheist. I found no Episcopalians anywhere. This simply will not do.

Looking around a little more, I discovered that you can nominate as many blogs as you want, and you can also vote for as many as you want. So I nominated a couple; Susan Russell of An Inch at a Time and Richard of Caught by the Light. When I notified Richard, he responded by nominating Jake's place.

So, now there's four opportunities for you to make that front runner's page a little more balanced (or at least a little more Anglican).

First, you need to go register so you can vote. Don't worry about registering. I checked it out; you can make stuff up. So be Ziggy Stardust from Peoria if you want. You will need an active email addy, though. When you're done activating your account, make sure you come back here, as I'll guide you to the specific pages, saving you the headache of scrolling through two dozen of them.

Mad Priest runs one of the most innovative blogs to be found in the blogosphere. Not only does he offer commentary and cutting-edge humor, but also a nice mix of music. He explores the outer boundaries of what a blog can do, and in the process has gathered together a tightly knit community. Besides all of that, he was nominated first, and so already has a good lead towards bumping some of those Catholics off the front page. Vote for the Priest who is Mad here.

Susan Russell is the Senior Associate at All Saints Church, Pasadena, president of Integrity USA, convener of "Claiming the Blessing" and a member of the HRC Religion Council. Her blog is a great source for the latest news of what's going on in TEC, as well as some excellent sermons. Susan offered me support during the time that my father was ill. I am honored to call her my friend. Vote for Susan here.

Richard's blog is fairly new to my reading list. I started paying closer attention to his writing when he was reporting on a seminar that he was attending at CDSP. He writes with intelligence and chooses his words carefully. Most importantly, I sense the heart of a pastor. His blog is one to watch. Vote for Richard here.

And while you're at it, you might as well vote for Jake's place here.

Have some fun with this. Nominate someone, or even yourself. Leave a few comments. Check out some of the blogs. There's some good reads listed. For instance, I stumbled across this post that had me almost rolling out of my chair.


UPDATE: Padre Mickey has been nominated! Vote for him here.

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